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Stanley Hotel Tintype Portraits

Sit for an Authentic 1850's Wet Plate Tintype ::  January 20-21, 2023

Presented by Boulder, Colorado
Tintype Artist P. Cavan Brown

Invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer, wet plate tintypes were the first prominent form of photography. They are called "Wet Plates" because a darkroom is on set and every step must be completed before the chemistry dries out.  Authentic and one-of-a-kind, tintypes have a magical, handmade quality and will last for many generations to come.  Why go home with a T-shirt when you can leave with an Heirloom?

Heirlooms Forged in Silver by Light


I Want a Tintype Portrait!

  • Sessions last 20 - 25 minutes, include one 5x7 tintype portrait, and cost $100.
  • Additional portraits can be purchased at the time of your sitting, should time allow.
  • A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your portrait session. Remainder due at time of sitting.
  • Please arrive on time or risk having your session cut short when the next subject arrives.
  • Finished plates will be available for pickup at the Stanley front desk on Sunday morning, Jan 22.
  • Thank you for your participation and your understanding!
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