Boulder Tintype Studio


Sunshine Canyon, Boulder CO

  • Multi-Light Modern Studio Portraits

  • Natural Light Outdoor Portraits

  • Forested Mountain Setting

  • Singles, Couples, Families, Groups

  • Personalized Fine Art

  • Headshots

  • Brides

  • Maternity

  • Boudoir, etc...

Studio Portraits
Personalized Fine Art
Natural Light Portraits

  • Located in Sunshine Canyon, only 5 miles from central Boulder, the Tintype Obscura studio offers multi-light modern tintype portraits as well as outdoor, natural light portraits in a mountain setting.

  • Each plate takes approximately 45 minutes to produce, longer if you wish for reshoots. The first reshoot is no charge, each additional reshoot will incur a $20 fee to cover the costs of chemistry. 

  • Tintypes are an antique handmade art form using equipment and techniques more than a century old.  As a result some chemistry artifacts will occur. Don't think of these as bugs, but features, giving each plate a unique - dare I say magical - quality.  That being said, if said artifact negatively obscures the focal point of the image, a reshoot is no cost.

  • Studio portraits can accommodate up to two people and your infant (or small pet) if you have one.  We can squeeze a few more folks into an outdoor, natural light portrait. 

  • Keep in mind that natural light portraits are long exposures, requiring the subjects to sit still for many seconds at a time.  Ever wonder why folks didn't smile in old-time portraits?  You try holding a natural grin for 10 seconds... 

  • Natural light portraits are also heavily influenced by the weather and time of day.  Umbrellas may be required, but they do make for good props.   

  • Wear something intriguing, or nothing at all. Dress up. Be formal. Put on a hat. Bring a prop. Go vintage. Be you at your most wonderfully unique!! 

Tintype Obscura
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4053 Sunshine Canyon
Boulder, CO 80302


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